Bakırköy Luxury Housing

Nature Beauty, Structures powered by nature. A strong, respected and reliable company that cares about the beauty of nature with every step it takes: Doğa Group! Doğa Madencilik, one of the companies of Doğa Group, creates Pruva 34, the wonder of the New World, for you. Pruva 34 respects Mother Nature and blends the fabric of the city and nature.

Pruva 34 is a world of wonders

that does not harm the environment!

Be the hero of your own fairy tale with Pruva 34 and create your own stories in the unique Bosphorus view in nature.

Latest Housing technology & trends.

Shades of blue and green come to life in Pruva 34. Inhale the scent of the soil and grass and listen to the city like this, your eyes are closed but your mind is alive.

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