Bizim Mahalle Apartment For Sale

Istanbul Bizim Mahalle kucukcekmece Halkali Apartments For Sale

1.Bizim Mahalle The Color is Green

One of the colors you will see most in Bizim Mahalle will be green. In Bizim Mahalle, which is designed with ecological and sustainable environmental awareness and where green is frequently used in this direction, you will both live the neighborhood life you miss and find a world decorated with green.

2.Bizim Mahalle Spend Your Time Efficiently AT The Library

Isn’t there a library if everything happens in our Mahalle? A large library where both your children and you can spend time with pleasure, learning the time and focusing on your work and lessons, is waiting for you in this neighborhood. In addition, other facilities associated with the library such as eating and drinking areas, museum-café, book-cafe, children’s reading area and digital recreation rooms transform the library into a different experience center rather than just a library.

3.Bizim Mahalle Have Perfect Social Opportunities

Great social opportunities with the long-awaited neighborhood life in Bizim Neighborhood, a mosque, a public space inspired by the city walls, a mosque, a library, a museum, a soup kitchen, tea gardens, a handicraft block, a women’s club block, youth house block, food and beverage areas. This neighborhood where you will find opportunities and meet all your social needs has been prepared for you.

4.An Active Life is in Bizim Mahalle

One of the essentials of our neighborhood is sports areas. There are archery, wrestling and javelin courts where you can perform our ancestral sports in sports fields that are thought out in every detail. Also tennis court; mini football, basketball and volleyball courts; fitness studio; boxing, taekwondo and squash fields are also other wonderful opportunities waiting for you for an active life in your new neighborhood.

5.Bizim Mahalle Joyful Playgrounds For Our Children

The children of Bizim Mahalle will be very lucky. Your children will play games with their neighborhood friends and live their childhood to the fullest in the playgrounds specially designed for them.

6.Bizim Mahalle Religious Facilities

The mosque, which is located in Bizim Neighborhood, will provide you with the opportunity to reach the delight of worship together with the congregation without leaving your living space.

Bizim Mahalle Floor plans

Bizim Mahalle Location

Bizim Mahalle will make your life more comfortable with its central location as well as its facilities. E-5 will bring you together with a comfortable and privileged life in Istanbul with its location close to places such as TEM, Halkalı-Gebze train line, hospital and shopping mall. E-5: 7 km TEM: 8 km Halkalı-Gebze Train Line: 2 km Hospitals universities Shopping malls


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