Obtain Turkish citizenship for you and your family before amending or canceling the law with a return on investment.


High Evaluation at the same price in title deed- for Turkish nationality, and the bank mortgage, directly from Emlak Konut, price appreciation, on the high way leading to the new airport, high return on investment – rent – rewarding.

Own a shop with a rewarding return on investment in Bahçeşehir

– Various options and spaces from 11-500 meters or more
– 3 minutes Main Street E80
– Next to metro station
– The complex contains more than 700 housing units
A 3-minute walk for more than 5,000 housing units
Perimeter of 1 km More than 30 thousand housing units, some of which do not contain shops


Real Estate Investment Company

The Participation of T.C Prime Ministry Toki



1- 1- Emlak Konut, which is provide the preparation of the projects in accordance with the
relevant zoning law and legislations, shall not be approve the project that is not in
compliance with the law and legislation.
2- 2-Emlak Konut is states human-centered living comfort as a priority in the preparation of
projects and It aims to be at the highest level in all living spaces.
3- Emlak Konut, shall not approve the sale of the project before it has completed construction
permits and all necessary formal approval certificates.
4- 4- Emlak Konut shall check the validity of all the materials such as promotional catalog,
advertisement film, newspaper advertisement, model and sample circle, conformity to the
projects, the statements containing the hour before sale, and the approver will never allow
any misleading content.
5- 5- Emlak Konut, all independent parts offered for sale are inspected by SPK approved
independent organizations before sales, and sales lines are approved according to these
reports It loads the prices into its own system before it goes on sale. It carries out all
operations and contracts in the sales process in its own control.
1- 1- Emlak Konut, has been checking and approving preliminary contracts for before the sale,
all attachments (Application Projects. Floor and Apartment Plans, Set and Gross Manian,
Management Plans, floor easement Main sheet list approval and so on.) before the sale, in
the presence of the notary. This avoids any problems and misunderstandings that may occur
after the sale.
2- 2- Emlak Konut shall be take all cash or bond payments included in the sales transaction to
their account, ie Emlak Konut GYO accounts. It will make payments to the contractor
company according to the progress of the construction, paying in part in the direction of
construction progress. It is completing of construction %100, and by property ownership
titles are extracted and delivered to the by rights holder.and manufacturing life is started to
experience after one year. After the supervision and inspections are made, it is decided that
there is no problem that the contractor company can be disposed of completely company
rights. On this basis, due to any problems in determining contractor commitments, Emlak
Konut GYO will make it himself and deliver it to the rights holder as promised in the sales

On each project, Post-contract expert architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers,
electrical engineers,map engineers and landscape engineers
make control assignments and establish a site supervision office to ensure that these controls
are in place and that they are in constant control and supervision performs the following
1- 1- Emlak Konut shall not allow construction starts without approval of all application
projects (Architecture, static, electrical, mechanical, landscape, etc.) It also controls all
construction and all materials used together with independent construction supervision
company by the expert architects and engineers who are in their own area in terms of project
conformity and quality. Contractor shall not pay the firm until the improper manufacture
has been corrected.
2- 2- It makes 5-dimensional modeling of all buildings and demands dynamic analysis of
buildings in case of the most severe earthquake. It provides the analysis and projects
obtained for the approval of the technical university and the analyzes in the reinforced
concrete projects enable the production to be carried out according to the resulting values
3- It requires the geological report of the room and the university related to the ground
structure before the project. After setting the conditions of the building according to the
ground, it does not place buildings on unsuitable floors. After the excavation is over, it
conducts ground loading tests from the ground and allows grounds to start foundation work
on the grounds that provide the

4- 4- In all reinforced concrete manufacturing tests concrete durability tests and reinforcement
steel tensile strength tests in independent laboratories, taking samples of each poured
concrete and iron fittings. Before each pouring of concrete, the equipment performs iron
control and checks the project suitability.
5- 5- It gives material approval before any material to be used. Materials are tested according
to the quality and standards (TSE,CF etc) of the materials and whether they will be
used.Only allows the use of appropriate material.
6- 6-It makes instantaneous quality and project conformity checks of all manufacturing runs.
It performs all use tests (Insulation, installation, wind, efficiency etc.) on problems that may
arise in the future.
1-In construction where the finishes natality controlling every stage provides a provisional
acceptance of the work by deviating from the controls and independent of the quality of
the project and the suitability of the project,
2-After the Provisional Acceptance, which means that the project has been completed in a fast
and complete manner, it allows independent units to deliver the customer
5- 3-Construction Servitude Deed, Occupancy Permit (settlement) and Property Ownership
Deed by removing manages the process of registering in the name of the rights holder and
ensures that it is completed within the time specified in the contract
4-By establishing a board of directors together with the contractor, he establishes the Temporary
Site Management and asserts that the site is operated properly for at least the first 2 years.
5- It makes warnings and follow-ups to resolve the complaints to the contractor
6- 6- It makes a definite acceptance of the project under the supervision of an expert team at
least 1 year after life starts in the project.