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How To Get Turkish citizenship by property investment 250000 $?

جائیداد کی سرمایہ کاری کے ذریعہ ترکی کی شہریت


250000 $ Turkish citizenship by property investment

Key Reasons To invest in Turkish citizenship property . It can be profitable For those who act like Turkish investors!

In Fact There is A Way “to hit tow birds in one stone” Or In Urdu “ایک تیر سے دو شکار کرنا ۔ ایک تیر سے دو پرندے مارنا”.


1.Turkish citizenship by property investment

Buying From TOKI EMLAK KONUT, are Turkish Public Companies that go in Partnership with other companies, To Obtain Turkish citizenship by property investment:

By making a total of 139 projects of various sizes since 2003, it will have ensured the construction of approximately 129,000 independent sections as a result of the completion of these projects. Emlak Konut has been offered to the public twice with a breakthrough that will crown its rapid growth and carry its goals to wider horizons. The first offering in 2010 was among the 5 biggest public offerings in the history of the Republic. Secondary public offering in 2013 was the largest real estate public offering in Europe in the last 5 years. Residential property growing with the IPO, the paid-up capital of 3.8 billion pounds to 24.8 billion pounds as of March 31, 2020 and reached its place among Turkey’s most powerful company with total assets were further strengthened.

2.Turkish citizenship by property investment: Buy From An Auction

Buying a From An Auction to gain Turkish citizenship by property investment is quite profitable. Pirlantam Real Estate helped one of customers buying a 2+1 apartment in Park Mavira 3 Basaksehir. 6 month later Pirlantam Real Estate Also sold the Property To A Turkish Family with reasonable profit.

3.Turkish citizenship by property investment: Buying On Tender (Ihale)

Every year in Q2 & Q4 Both TOKI EMLAK KONUT Open Tenders (Ihale) To Sell To Puplic B2C and Companies or Investors BB.

You Need to be accredited. By providing bank statements or POF, Proof of fund.

By Joining the sessions and buying property investment you will gain Turkish citizenship.

4.Turkish citizenship by property investment: Buy From Pirlantam Real Estate Investment Opportunity page.

Every Now and then we share with our Dear customers Pirlantam Real Estate Investment Opportunity page.

Turkish citizenship by property investment. It can be profitable when we plan for it.

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